Freegate is one of the well-known circumvention proxy software used to bypass the stringent measures that restrict free internet access in China. Although the Chinese government provides various reasons for resting internet access within its territory, the modern world where freedom is hailed as supreme complete access to internet is vital.

Freegate Proxy, free freegate proxy software downloads, Page 2. how to install freegate in ubuntu 14.04 - Ask Ubuntu openmenu in the right, preferences, choose the Advanced tab and from that choose the Network tab, from connection choose settings, set the Manual proxy configuration: HTTP Proxy: port: 8580 ,(ports always shows up when you start FreeGate) check the option, use this proxy server for all protocols and in the end click ok. Chrome: Free gate (free) download Windows version

Freegate is the most popular circumvention proxy anonymity software used in China that helps millions daily. Many students, tourists, businessmen, diplomats and journalists find Freegate

Freegate Proxy For Internet, free freegate proxy for internet software downloads, Page 2. Freegate - Gateway To Free Internet May 22, 2012

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Download Freegate Setup 7.80 Latest Version For Windows This is the point at which you need Freegate Professional. Freegate is an anti-censorship software, that is developed by Dynamic Internet Technology that enables internet users from mainland China, North Korea, Syria, Vietnam, Iran, United Arab Emirates, among others. You can choose to run Freegate in either Proxy Mode or Classic Mode. Freegate Expert Edition - Download