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Persisting add-in state and settings - Office Add-ins How to save add-in state and settings per document for content and task pane add-ins. To persist state or custom settings of a content or task pane add-in for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you use the Settings object and its methods. The property bag created with the methods of the Settings object are available only to the instance of the content or task pane add-in that created it, and only JavaScript Error ‘expected identifier, string or number’ in IE Although other browsers would also choke on these errors, IE parses javascript a bit more aggressively than other browsers, so for example if you add a whole tree of html elements by setting innerHTML on a containing DIV, and some of the new elements you create have “onClick” attributes with javascript errors in them, IE will notice and Proxy Configuration - Oracle If you select "Use automatic proxy configuration script", then you must enter the URL for the location of the JavaScript called FindProxyForURL(URL url) that returns the proxy server to be used for a URL. Support for this script is the same as described below under Automatic Proxy Configuration.

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2014-2-28 · As I described before, we just want IE 11 behaves the same as IE 10 in terms of compatibility settings. With the minimum, like IE 10, we want to compatibility falling back to IE 9, not IE 7. Plus we want to set the compatibility through meta data, web config, even IIS, but NOT asking users to do themselves. LoadRunner录制时不能自动启动IE浏览器的解决方 … 2020-2-22 · 录制环境:win7 64位操作系统 IE9 LR11使用loadrunner进行录制脚本的时候,发现loadrunner不能调用IE、不能自动启动IE,还有一种情况是可以启动,但是录制不到内容,事务数一直为0,action的内容为空。因此建议LoadRunner的相关主机上保持一个 A sample JavaScript file to detect IE compatibility mode A sample JavaScript file to detect IE compatibility mode and version. This is not recommended unless absolutely needed as features should be detected instead. - IEUserAgentTest.html Persisting add-in state and settings - Office Add-ins