The software is easy to install, I Change Ip Locaation Ipredator found a Change Ip Locaation Ipredator very good vpn server that works very well with my location and I get good speeds so I am happy but if Windscribe is better I must test it.

IPredator VPN Review - VPN From The Pirate Bay Founder Jul 09, 2020 IPredator - Services IPredator is a VPN service that cares about your privacy. IPredator offer more than just VPN. We offer an open Jabber(xmpp) server which federates with the rest of the web. IPredator also hosts a dns server, a tpb proxy, and a couple of TOR exit nodes. IPredator IP Check

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IIRC iPredator's infrastructure is all within a single datacenter. They could be down due to an outage at the datacenter or a large scale DDOS hitting that single location. I believe the website is not hosted on a CDN, so it too would go down in either of those scenarios. tl;dr I'd bet they'll be back soon.

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