T-Mobile blocking VPN traffic? Question. So my girlfriend's prepaid phone needs a refill. She's at work right now and was kind of busy so I thought let me refill her phone so that when she gets out of work she already has service again and can call me to pick her up. Surprise surprise, a very smart T-Mobile engineer thought it would be a great

The connection to the internet through the hotspot works fine, so the problem doesn't exist with mobile devices ability to access the Telstra network. I also don't believe the VPN is the issue, because if I'm using my home WiFi connection, the VPN connection works fine. The VPN connection also works fine over a Telstra Prepaid Mobile Device 5268AC VPN Problem | AT&T Community Forums Jan 04, 2019 Block international outgoing calls | T-Mobile Community That is while in the country. It notes that calls to Canada and US Virgin islands aren't blocked (because they use a Country Code of 1 for some reason, I imagine) You may need to contact Customer Care to get it added to your account, if it's not available. Best VPN for Ad Blocking | Reviews.org

The VPN feature of the router works only for OpenVPN and will not work with other VPN package. The router provides the configuration and by using the OpenVPN software the connection triggers. If you have other VPN service, the router will not be able to use a server but could be a passthrough if you have ports opened of the VPN service.

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