Jun 24, 2019

Mar 04, 2017 How to hide phone number in Telegram (2020) –>> If you want to share your Phone number with only a few members then tap under exceptions and select the contacts to see your Phone number. That’s all, follow these steps on your mobile to hide Phone number. To hide Phone numbers in desktop telegram app then please check out the article. How to hide phone number in desktop telegram app. Contacting Telegram Support | Telegram Geeks Mar 16, 2016 Share the number in the telegram - Send a contact number Aug 09, 2019

However there’s this problem that if someone has your number and you change your number they’ll get your new number automatically. Even if you’ve removed them from your contact list and don’t want them to know your new number.

Jun 17, 2020 How to hide mobile number in telegram account | WeirdTechie

Telegram is More Private Compared to Other Messengers. While WhatsApp has the only one identity for the subscriber – the phone number, Telegram provides more anonymity and allows you to use either your phone number or a username. Those who don’t have your number in the contacts can contact you by your unique username.

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