You should be able to use all standard settings that come with your Usenet client. We use the standard ports for Usenet connections (119) and the standard port for SSL traffic as well (563). Though some clients are more extensive in their configuration, using the standards should make you good to go.

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Usenet has grown to a big platform with a wide variety of forums or newsgroups numbering in the tens of thousands. Today usenet is still used as a big bulletin board, in additional it is also used for data transfer by using Binary Files often in a compressed format like RAR or ZIP. A Binary file is a general term for a container. By limiting support to billing inquiries and relying on our users to configure their own access through popular Usenet applications, we keep our costs low. These savings are passed on in the form of an all-in-one plan at a great price. We have partnered with one of the oldest and most reliable Usenet providers to resell service in a simple package.

You can use any of the following ports: 20, 23, 53, 119, 443, 2000, 8080, 9000, 9001, 9002 "Bonus" server ports are: 80 or 119. How do I connect using SSL? Well, you need an SSL capable newsreader. Enable SSL by following your newsreader instructions. You may use either port 563 or 5563. "Bonus" server SSL ports …

Dec 27, 2016 · We highly recommend using SSL ports to ensure the most secure Usenet experience possible. The default SSL port is 563, but if you choose to use standard ports, the default is 119. Occasionally, ISPs will block these ports or throttle traffic on them. For this reason, we recommend port 443 for SSL connections and port 80 for standard connections. When connecting to a Usenet server, you often have a choice of ports. Port 119 is the standard port, though your Usenet service provider (USP) can change this. If port 119 doesn’t work, you must ask your USP which one to use instead. Port 563 is the standard port for SSL connections. USPs often have additional ports available in case your ISP Oct 30, 2019 · * These settings are for NNTP / Usenet, they do not have anything to do with our VPN addon. * Unencrypted ports often will give you increased speed, however communication will be in plaintext. Other Server Options: Usenetserver has some alternative server options that might help in troubleshooting. Jan 10, 2007 · Alternate NNTP Usenet SSL Ports As you may have already seen, Giganews recently announced support for 256 bit SSL encrypted Usenet access on port 443. The reason we decided to offer support for port 443 is that some customers were experiencing slow download speeds on port 563 due to port-based speed limiting on networks between their computer