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How to Set Up a VPN on Apple Airport Extreme – VPN Post May 15, 2017 high sierra - Hosting a VPN with Airport Extreme - Ask Yet still, connections to the VPN fail. The Mac mini's IP address matches that specified in the Port Settings for VPN, both have (which it was before I reset the router -- all devices on the network are DHCP with static reservations based on MAC address from the AirPort Extreme… AirPort Extreme 802.11ac - Technical Specifications May 23, 2017 Mac - AirPort Extreme - Technical Specifications - Apple (MY)

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Today I started trying to work from a network that uses the Airport Extreme version 7.7.1. Typically I use a VPN client (Viscosity) which gives me access to the various servers that my company runs on. I can connect to the open VPN without any issue but am experiencing mixed results from there forward.

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