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Jul 13, 2020 Call Sign Prefixes - DXing AAA-ALZ: United States. AMA-AOZ: Spain APA-ASZ: Pakistan ATA-AWZ: India AXA-AXZ: Australia AYA-AZZ: Argentina A2A-A2Z: Botswana A3A-A3Z: Tonga A4A-A4Z: Oman A5A-A5Z: Bhutan A6A-A6Z: United Arab Emirates A7A-A7Z: Qatar A8A-A8Z: Liberia A9A-A9Z: Bahrain Top. BAA-BZZ: China (BVA-BVZ used by Taiwan). CAA-CEZ: Chile CFA-CKZ: Canada CLA-CMZ: Cuba CNA-CNZ: Morocco COA-COZ: Cuba … Amateur radio call signs - Wikipedia

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