Feb 02, 2014

Ask Linux: Lubuntu, Slitaz, or Crunchbang? : linux To be fair, they're not entirely in the same realm: Crunchbang is a stripped down Ubuntu derivative. Slitaz's ISO is 30mb and the system runs entirely in RAM. Considering this, the fact that it comes with many useable programs, a rather flexible windows manager and working package manager is … linux - How to use proftpd in SliTaz - Server Fault The SliTaz (5.0) is a virtualmachine on a Windows 10 host. I tried with FileZilla on the host to the SliTaz host-only ip. How can I configure proftpd on SliTaz? EDIT. I figured out I can start proftpd with just typing proftpd in the command line. I do have a /etc/proftpd.conf file but when I …

- In the slitaz virtual machine make sure you have a working internet connection. I sometimes need to stop/restart eth0 using TazPanel (Slitaz Panel) the first time to get a connection. - open Package Manager and recharge the package list. - install the following packages: linux-module-headers (3.2.53) mesa-dri bzip2

This document gives information and necessary instructions on how to install SliTaz on a hard disk. This should take about 10 minutes, SliTaz core LiveCD expands to 80 MB, so we suggest a minimum of 120 MB of free space. This way you will be able to install a few more packages. If you can use the LiveCD, you should be able to install SliTaz.

How to Install SliTaz to a USB Flash Drive using Windows. SliTaz Linux is a tiny and very fast running free operating system that can be run entirely from system memory. Founded by Christian Lincoln, SliTaz is one of the smallest portable Linux distributions available and can be stored and run directly from a USB key or other removable media.

Jun 21, 2010 Slitaz Linux - Tiny but fierce