[FIXED BUG] Unable to login to email via IMAP despite the

Error: Unable to connect to IMAP server, you may have exceeded the number of connections to this server. 8 replies 3 have this problem Firefox doesn't do email, it's strictly a web browser. If you are using Firefox to access your mail, you are using "web-mail". You need to seek support from your service provider or a forum for that service. Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 201 Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 2010 This just started happening today - I bring up outlook, and it says "a connection to the server cannot be established. mail.hughes.net is … Unable to connect to server - Sprint Community Dec 19, 2011

Re: Android, "unable to connect to email server to verify account" Can you try using your "old" password with the Yahoo server settings if that works either change your "new" password back to the "old" one using the method you used to change it or try changing the "old" password to your "new" one with this link.

Unable to connect to the email server (pop3) with Gmail. Ask Question Asked 8 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 30 times 1. I am trying to connect to a secure outgoing server(pop3 port) of my website to receive all emails to my Gmail inbox. but in my web control panel, the name of the outgoing server is "centos-2gb-nbg1-4" without any Fix iPhone Error "Cannot Get Mail: The connection to the Check the Internet connection on iPhone. First thing to check is your Internet connection. Whether …

[Solved] Failure sending mail - unable to connect to

Oct 08, 2016