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The Undertaker - The deadman of WWE - The Undertaker The Undertaker MASKED as Kane to destroy HHH.. And both here comes Triple H. He's walking to the ring with a purpose. Last week on Road King came to China's folks triple A China and the ring, and it was a fireball Medford Triple, A in China in the eye Can was destroyed and we'd like to give you folks the latest on China. now, she suffered a partially burned retina in his right eye. Reliving 'The Streak:' The Undertaker defeats Kane at In storyline, Kane was The Undertaker's long lost brother who came to the WWE to put an end to his older sibling. Kane did everything he could to get The Undertaker to face him in a match, but The Undertaker flatly refused to fight his own flesh and blood. Kane Reveals His Pick On The Greatest WWE Match Of All Jun 07, 2020 Kane - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays

Kane came in as Undertaker's storyline brother, and the two remained connected for the next two decades. From the start of the story and the fantastic backstory WWE created to the later days with the Brothers of Destruction, it was one of the best stories in WWE. Here is a look at how the rivalry between Undertaker and Kane started.

Kane rips the door off its hinges and enters the cell as the Undertaker looks on in disbelief. Eventually, Kane picks up his perplexed brother and hits a tombstone – Undertaker’s own move. Kane and Bearer leave the scene as Michaels picks up the victory. RELATED: The Young Bucks Are Right: Chris Jericho IS Hulk Hogan - But Is That Good? Brothers Of Destruction: The History Of The Undertaker & Kane

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is kane the undertakers brother? | Yahoo Answers Apr 14, 2008 The Undertaker thought his younger half-brother, Bearer's illegitimate son, had been dead for years, that is, until Bearer introduced Kane at Badd Blood: In Your House on October 5, 1997, costing The Undertaker the victory in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match against Shawn Michaels. In keeping with the notion that Kane had been scarred by the Kane was declared the bad brother, and that was exactly when The Taker started to assume the character we have all grown to love. But of course, there is no blood tie between Kane and Undertaker; it is just one of the famous storylines from WWE that has come to feel like reality. Nov 09, 2019 · Kane – Before portraying The Undertaker’s brother Kane has had different personas in the WWE where he initially went by the ring name, Isaac Yankem and a private evil-wrestling dentist to Jerry Lawler two years before his official debut as Kane in 1997. When Undertaker continually refused to once again align with Bearer, Bearer began tormenting him by telling him that his long-lost brother, Kane (later revealed as Bearer's illegitimate son and the Undertaker's half-brother), was coming to the WWF to challenge him.