Where To Hide Christmas Presents Grandparent's or relative's house. If you have family which lives nearby, this could be the best option for hiding At your work. Leaving presents at your parent's or a family members house might mean you don't visit as much out of fear In your car. This is a

Dec 08, 2017 14 Foolproof Places to Hide Christmas Gifts In the boot of the car. This one isn’t an option for SUVs or hatchbacks. If you have a car with a boot … Where to hide Xmas gifts - 5 foolproof places to hide

Here's a list of places to hide your Christmas gifts from your kids. 7 Great places to hide your kids' Christmas presents. COMIDA & HOGAR. Publicado Dic 14, 2017. Por . Claudya Martinez. iStock. My kids are still pretty young and up until now I haven't really had to hide Christmas gifts, but this is the year I start. Last year I put some of

How to Find Christmas Presents That Your Parents Have Hidden Dec 18, 2006 Where to Hide the Christmas Presents - New in Lynchburg In Plain Sight – If you live in a small space or don’t have any hiding spots, you can hide them in plain sight. Wrap the presents and even put them under the tree, but put the wrong name on the present. People know the size and weight of the present they asked for so it …

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