Feb 17, 2018

I cannot change my payment method - Apple Community Mar 26, 2018 Changing membership subscription payment method – Medium To change your payment method for your membership subscription, you'll need to: Cancel your ongoing subscription; Once your current billing cycle is over and the subscription expires, set up a new subscription with your payment method of choice; Step 1: Cancel your ongoing subscription How to change your Disney+ payment method - YouTube Nov 18, 2019 Amazon.com Help: Manage Payment Methods

Change or remove your payment information from your iTunes

Dec 06, 2019

Change iTunes Payment Method on an iPad | Your Business

After you change your payment information, the iTunes Store will place a temporary authorization hold on your credit card to verify your updated account information. If you have any issues updating your payment method, visit Apple’s support site for further assistance. I can't change payment information - Apple Community Feb 17, 2018 How do I change my subscription payment method